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Obsolescence of the old new

"We are taught that we are separated from the outside world, and objects that are not part of our body are separated from us" - Andrew Juniper 

Why do we throw furniture away? Obsolescence of the Old New came to me in September of 2020. "The psychology of stuff and things" by Dr Christian Jarrett the psychologist describes the attachment between objects and individuals as being connected to one's identity. As time passes and the objects deteriorate, it can mirror a shift in one's personality. It is possible that individuals can develop a detachment from the objects, making them obsolete to their lives.

Obsolescence of the Old New contains images of objects that hold an extended connection to the former owner, becoming portraits. These moments may be the last we see these objects before they are long forgotten. Photographing these found objects give a new meaning and purpose as an archived image. 

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